EUMETSAT Training - Programming for Earth Observation

EUMETSAT short course, EUMETSAT, Coding for EO, 2020

I delivered an online short course for EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites), delivering a short course on Coding for Earth Observation

The course was aimed at demystifying Earth Observation (EO) satellite data use through code. The course focused on the programming workflows that are used, regardless of programming language, to produce statistics or imagery from raw data files. The course also highlight resources that are available in multiple programming languages to further your exploration of coding for EO. The course delivered a session on the fundamental theory of how EO data is captured and provided by content providers, and then demonstated a number of practical examples of using EO data, both in Python and R.

This course was delivered in collaboration with EUMETSAT and Danny Parsons (IDEMS International)